egghead provides you with the resources you need to craft a developer portfolio to get a good/better job as a web developer

For the past 7 years we've built out on top of Rails. When React came around, we fell in love with it and used React on Rails to give us the best of both worlds with server-side rendered React front-end and an easy to work with Rails backend.

Since then, a lot has happened in the world of web development and our front-end is a little slow and cranky, tied to the Rails monolith and challenging to update. It sprawls will always be a closed-source project simply because we don't want to present it as an example of how you should build production apps ūüėÖ

This new front-end is different. We've chosen to use Next.js and we will be working on it in the open. We are excited to use their blended server-side rendering as well as static generation to expand our capabilities for publishing content using MDX.

If that's interesting to you follow the project on Github!

If you'd like more details on why we are making these changes and how we are approaching it, please check out this video.

Note: We are intentionally not focused on styles and layout using the most basic Tailwind classes to make the site barely usable.

Learn the best JavaScript tools and frameworks from industry pros.

egghead crafts video tutorials for badass web developers.

React, Gatsby, TypeScript, Vue, Angular, Node, functional Javascript, Webpack… Frameworks. Libraries. Languages. Developer tools. Platforms. MVC, SQL, CSS.

Obviously, you can pick up a new framework or a new language or a new platform on your own.

You’ve done it before. You know the drill:

  • you can cobble together hours-long videos, docs, tutorials, and forum posts, and
  • when the videos are long and unedited, you can watch them at 2x speed (or more)
  • when the tutorial gives you more bugs than function, you can read the comments, and
  • blog post after blog post after unreliable blog post...
  • when you get caught in a hole or missing step, you can always go ask on StackOverflow

All the while, your poor computer screams under the weight of all those tabs.

And… books? Books are great! They're sometimes edited by professionals, which is more than you can say for most tutorials you find. But publishers can’t keep up with the pace modern web development.

You can't keep up either, at least not with your old approach. Nobody’s paying you to find the bugs in their crummy tuts. You don’t have time to dig your way out of all those rabbit holes for a supposedly free education.

So you’ve been procrastinating a little. Or… a lot.

Time is precious. You're a professional.

You wish you could just jack into the Matrix and inject React directly to your brain.

You can't, no matter how much you wish you could.

But if you had the next best thing…?

If you could simply sit down and start learning, and skip all the searching, the cobbling, the contradictory advice, the bugs, the forums, the dead ends? If you could refactor the whole learning experience…?

If you had an on demand expert that would carefully explain the best and most useful curated knoweldge for web developers...?

Think how much easier it would be for you to get and stay on the bleeding edge:

With just 10-30 minutes a day, you'd be able to power through a major topic every week.

If you had the right teacher, and the right courses.

Just picture yourself whispering, I know wtf I am doing.

That's what you get when you sign up for your year of egghead.

egghead is designed to help you sit down and learn professional web development, any time, any place, at your own pace.

Level up as a web developer.

egghead is not a sloppy video marketplace. We're a boutique label curating high-quality in-depth web screencasts for professional web developers:

  • we hand-pick our instructors (folks you know like¬†Dan Abramov, Kent C. Dodds, Jason Lengstorf, and Nik Graf)
  • we equip them with the mics they need for high-quality sound
  • we help design and edit the course structure
  • we help script for individual lessons
  • we verify the code works, and test for bugs
  • we produce enhanced transcripts (hand-crafted! with links, images, and inline code)

And, unlike book publishers, we move at the speed of the web.

When you need the most up-to-date tutorials on technologies like React, we got you covered.

egghead offers nearly¬†5000+¬†video lessons¬†in total. Most are between 3 and 7 minutes long ‚ÄĒ short, sweet, and to the point. Many of them are standalone, so you can learn something new in no time at all.

We also offer 200+ courses, with more coming all the time. That's multiple lessons with a narrative that takes you from beginning to end, including all the code you need to complete the project.

That means you could pick up individual skills any time you want. And when you feel like tackling larger projects ‚ÄĒ new languages, new frameworks, new tools ‚ÄĒ you could simply pick out a course and follow along in 10- to 20-minute increments. Learn at your desk, or on the train, or in the bathroom, when and where and how you want, with video, full enhanced transcripts, code files, offline viewing, and more.

All of it top-notch quality. And it will be your secret weapon for an entire year.

Start your year of egghead today

Here's what you'll get... No fluff. No cruft. No bull. Just dense, high-strength knowledge:

  • 200+ full video courses
  • nearly¬†5500¬†video lessons total
  • transcripts for every lesson
  • closed-captions for every lesson
  • code for every lesson
  • speed controls for video playback
  • RSS course feeds for your favorite podcast app
  • offline viewing
  • commenting and support
  • an invitation to join the egghead community site

When you commit to leveling up with a year of egghead, you will get instant access to all the new React courses and features we ship during your membership. We believe in delivering as much awesome as possible for the best flat price possible.

You can use your new skills to ship a new project, negotiate a raise, or just for fun. But whatever you do, don't wait until this deal's over.

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