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Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours of Aggravation for Your Team.

Your team deserves the best training possible. Egghead brings practical real-world Angular development experience to your team with on-site training.

Your team can be productive with Angular 1.4 right now while they get ready for Angular 2.

Your project is kicking off soon. You've sifted through the framework rainbow, and decided that AngularJS is the right tool for the job. You need to get your developers up to speed quickly so you can get on the road to shipping high quality software.

Kicking off a new project is always stressful, and you've probably heard that AngularJS can be notoriously confusing for newcomers. With a new version looming, now is the time to build your application correctly if you don't want to pay for it later with time and misery. is an amazing resource for getting your team up to speed with Angular.

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Real world experience.

Given all the time in the world, your team could comb the internet, read a couple of books, watch high-quality training videos on, and eventually gain the practical experience needed to build a solid, scalable, single page application with AngularJS.

Unfortunately, time is finite and precious. Your project needs to kick off in a few weeks, and your developers need a leg-up. They need mentoring and instruction from professionals with practical AngularJS experience.

Bring the knowledge and experience of to your office.

We are here to help.

This solid stack of AngularJS know-how that your team will need to be successful. Avoid some of the trial-and-error and get your project started off on the right foot.

A 2-day on-site enterprise workshop will teach your team:

Give your team the confidence to succeed.

The first day of your workshop will be spent covering the core functionality of Angular. Your team will receive instruction, and then implement what they have learned in a hands-on fashion to ensure understanding.

The second day will be spent building a small application with Angular that interacts with a REST backend service. We will dive deep into what is coming with Angular 2, and what patterns and practices we can use today to take advantage of and prepare for its release

Customized for your needs

Every team has different needs. Prior to your workshop, we will work closely with you to tailor the curriculum to meet your needs. This includes the day 2 sample application. We want to use this time to create something genuine to your company's problems. While it will need to be small, using day 2 to build something a "little more real" will help to solidify the concepts your team learned on day 1.

Limited Slots

We are located in the USA, but can travel as required.

We are only able to hold on-site training 1-2 times per month. Give your team the training they need and reserve your workshop today.

Developers at these companies are leveled-up with egghead training.

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