AngularJS Cheat Sheets: Core Services, Directive Definition Object, and ui-router

When learning a new tool, flipping back and forth between the documentation is essential.

It can also be slow and tedious.

We've created a few cheat sheet study guides to help you get over that initial AngularJS learning curve, and provide you with a reference for your daily work.

AngularJS Core Services

AngularJS comes with a fantastic set of core injectable services to provide essential functionality to your application. This first cheat sheet breaks down all of the core services, describing what they do and their method signature for using them.

Download: AngularJS Core Services Cheat Sheet

AngularJS Directive Definition Object

Directives have an... interesting... API. It requires a significant amount of rote memorization to write effective AngularJS directives. This cheat sheet breaks down the DDO, and explains what each option does.

Download: AngularJS Directive Definition Object Cheat Sheet

AngularJS ui-router

Much like the directive definition object, ui-router requires a bit of rote memorization to seamlessly work with. This cheat sheet serves as a solid study guide for learning ui-router, as well as a handy reference for powerful features that you might not use every day.

Download: AngularJS ui-router Cheat Sheet