Advanced React Component Patterns

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds

a JavaScript developer who likes open source and teaching.

About the Course

Once you’ve nailed the fundamentals of React, that’s when things get really fun.

This course teaches you advanced patterns in React that you can use to make components that are simple, flexible, and enjoyable to work with.

You'll start with a simple <Toggle /> component that you'll progressively refactor to each of the patterns. Throughout the course, you’ll see the benefits of each pattern and how they can be mixed-and-matched to make your components more useful (and simple for everyone who comes across them).

Kent C. Dodds has built and shipped components using each of these patterns. Along the way, he will help you understand and weigh the trade-offs of each pattern so you’ll intuitively know where to apply each of them in your own components.

You’ll finish the course with a list of actionable things you can do, right away, to rework the components that you're building. You’ll complete the course more knowledgeable about React components and equipped to make your components more simple.