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Build a Decentralized Application for the Ethereum Blockchain with ReactJS
Dana WhiteDana White

In this course we will build a decentralized Ticket Exchange application with ReactJS. Within the application, we will create several uniques instances of EventToken, a non-fungible token that adheres to the ERC721 token standard.

We are going to start by unboxing a custom Truffle Box, a template that is a marriage of the Truffle framework and Create React App.

We will then compile and deploy our Smart Contracts then import them into our React application. Along the way, we will reference relevant aspects of Solidity that will provide insight into the way in which Smart Contracts are seamlessly integrated into a React Application.

Ultimately, our application will culminate with that exchange of EventTokens for Ether. These transactions will be rendered in the app as proof of that they were executed on the blockchain.