Build Async Vue.js Apps with RxJS

John Lindquist

John Lindquist

John Lindquist is a co-founder of

John has spent the majority of his career developing Rich Web Applications. Before starting, John worked at JetBrains as a WebStorm evangelist, and before that he was a Technical Architect at Isobar leading large teams in building the latest and greatest in web apps for the Air Force, HBO, and Bloomberg.

About the Course

Vue.js is an amazing framework that can easily update and reflect user input using templates and data-binding. But there are many scenarios where complex asynchronous behaviors (like loading data, handling "pending" states, timeouts, etc) are solved much easier by leveraging the streaming capabilities of RxJS. This course covers how to setup and use the features of "vue-rx" to enable streams within your templates and easily solve complex scenarios.