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Configure Jest for Testing JavaScript Applications

Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds

a JavaScript developer who likes open source and teaching.

About the Course

Jest is a fully featured testing framework with a developer experience that is second to none. It’s remarkably simple and flexible at the same time. For simple use cases, you often don’t need to configure anything, install and enjoy the built-in coverage and watch mode support.

In a real-world application though, you’ll often have needs specific to your application, especially when testing browser-based applications. You'll need to handle Webpack loaders, dynamic imports, and custom module resolution which Node.js does not support.

In this course we’ll go over ways you can optimize your Jest configuration to make testing real-world JavaScript applications a delight. We’ll cover what’s already been mentioned in addition to Babel support, code coverage, how to make watch mode even more helpful, and how to run test suites with entirely different configurations.