Decode JSON into Elm

Enrico Buonanno

Enrico Buonanno

I obtained an MS in Computer Science at Columbia University in 2001 and have been working as a software developer and architect since. I worked in FinTech, online auctions and other areas, using a number of different languages and technologies. I wrote a book on Functional Programming in C# with Manning.

About the Course

Any non-trivial Elm app will have a need to translate between JSON and Elm, as the Elm app communicates with JavaScript libraries through ports, or consumes JSON from a server API. Elm has the important and somewhat intimidating concept of "decoders" that translate dynamically typed JSON into statically typed Elm values. This course will teach you to write your decoders and tackle many common decoding scenarios, including optional and nullable fields, decoding into union types, and decoding recursive structures.