Elm Static Types to Effectively Model Application Domain

Enrico Buonanno

Enrico Buonanno

I obtained an MS in Computer Science at Columbia University in 2001 and have been working as a software developer and architect since. I worked in FinTech, online auctions and other areas, using a number of different languages and technologies. I wrote a book on Functional Programming in C# with Manning.

About the Course

Elm has a powerful type system that can help you to model your application's data precisely and safely. The type system just by its nature protects your applications against errors. Elm takes it a step further and uses the Type system to help you debug your code.

This course will introduce you to the various types available in Elm, and teach you when and how to use each one. We will learn how to store and access data.

By the end of this course we'll see how many of Elm's built-in types are themselves extensions of Elm's Union Type (think Boolean, Result, Maybe, etc).