End to End Testing with Google's Puppeteer and Jest

Tyler Clark

Tyler Clark

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About the Course

End-to-end testing assures you of a few things: that all the integrated pieces of an application properly function, all those pieces work together as expected, and your tests include and simulate real-user scenarios — something unit and integration tests just don't do.

This course introduces you to two great tools for E2E testing:

  • Puppeteer opens and runs applications in a Chromium browser and performs the actions it's given.
  • Jest asserts that the integrated pieces work as expected and that add-on libraries like Faker and pixelmatch take our tests to the next level.

Over 9 lessons, we will create common application features and use Puppeteer and Jest to run different types of tests against them. You'll get practice using these tools to render content, mimic user activity, automate tests, and measure the overall performance of your application.