React Native Navigation Fundamentals

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Jason Brown

Jason Brown

I'm a front end developer building and playing with the latest technologies. In my free time I run React meetups, and React and React Native workshops in Portland Oregon.

About the Course

In this course we’ll explore react-navigation, the recommended navigation solution for React Native. We’ll explore the differences between Stack, Tab, and Drawer navigators and when to use which. Additionally we’ll explore how we can nest different Stack and Tab navigators to accomplish our desired user flowers.

Navigation Options provide ways to declare how your navigation screens and navigator should operate, like how to create a modal route. We’ll learn how to declare these statically and when we may want to make them dynamic. We’ll explore the tradeoffs between native navigation versus the react-navigation library with is cross platform navigation re-implemented in JavaScript.

The outcome of this course should make you confident in being able to setup navigation for a React Native application and accomplish your desired user flows.