React Navigation for Native Mobile Applications

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Spencer Carli

Spencer Carli

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About the Course

React Navigation makes the easy things easy and the hard things possible. This course will help you understand how to customize and use React Navigation for more complex navigation patterns.

You'll learn different ways to display content within the navigators, which demonstrates the built-in customizations within React Navigation. As well as learn how to interact with different UI components within React navigation, which will help you structure your application.

Building off this, you'll learn how you can customize the default navigator behavior to provide a custom look and feel to your React Navigation application

To succeed in this course, you’ll want a basic understanding of the React Navigation API and how to use the default navigators.

Note: React Navigation has been updated to v2. This course was recorded on v1.x and the lesson code has been updated to reflect v2. The principles and patterns taught in the videos remain valid.

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