Understand JavaScript's this Keyword in Depth

Marius Schulz

Marius Schulz

Front End Engineer at Facebook. Microsoft MVP. Passionate about all things web!

About the Course

JavaScript’s this keyword is a source of confusion for new and experienced developers alike. It can be frustrating if, for some reason, this doesn’t point to the context that was intended.

This course will help you understand JavaScript’s this mechanism in-depth. Marius will take us through all of the ways this will change its values, from why many libraries use "use strict" to how arrow functions take its outer execution context’s this.

Over 8 lessons, you’ll learn:

  • how JavaScript implicitly sets the this context, and how we can set it ourselves
  • that the call-site of a function determines the this value of that function invocation
  • how to call a function with a specific this value
  • how to create functions that always remain tied to a specific this context
  • how this is treated within arrow functions and classes

Following the course, this will feel less frustrating, more intuitive, and far more useful in your day-to-day.