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You're wasting time on mind-numbing tasks
that you need to automate.

Demystify Grunt and start your AngularJS project with proper automation.

You waste countless hours manually performing boring repetitive tasks. Tasks that break your flow, drain your energy, and crush your soul.

You don't want to "pull the lever" all day, wasting your talent on solved problems with existing automated solutions.

You don't have time scour the internet looking for solutions, tutorials, how-tos, videos and other bits and pieces of knowledge to cobble together half-baked solutions.

Stop wasting your time.

This is the time you've lost. Forever.

Pre-configured "seed" projects might help, but are full of crufty things you don't need, or even worse, provide a template for failure.

You're building mission critical, large-scale web applications with teams of developers. These aren't web pages, these are first-class applications. Not bolt on window dressing for Oracle, Rails, Django, .NET, or Node rendered server-side pages.

Your team is counting on you. Your clients are counting on you. It's your job to deliver. On-time and under-budget.

  • Where do I start?
  • What should I automate?
  • How should I structure and organize my project?
  • What are the best tools?
  • How do I use them today?

Imagine a day of writing software that wasn't interrupted by manually processing and moving files around.

What if you had a resource that delivered a blueprint. A solid plan to automate and structure your application from the start.

If you could stop searching around the internet, hunting for specifics or trying to guess what the "standard" is.

Experience more joy of flow, solving interesting problems and doing meaningful work. You want to enjoy your job.

You'd like to jump straight to the answers, without wading through the sea of bad information, troubleshooting issues and wondering what is current.

What if you could just get to work, doing what you do best? Focusing on what is most important.

The Professional's Toolbox

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Your tools are Lego. You can start with a bucket of 10,000 random pieces, and build something awesome. There will be a lot of sifting, starts and restarts, but you're a master builder, and your spaceship will be so cool...

... or you start with a kit. Armed with a plan.

You're writing AngularJS applications. Real applications, solving mission-critical business problems.

Contents of a professional toolbox:

  • AngularJS - killer front end framework for single-page web applications
  • Node.js - the swiss army knife for the front-end developer
  • npm - the Node package manager. 75,000+ modules covering the entire spectrum of software tasks
  • Jasmine - unit tests, you know you want them
  • Karma - run the unit tests anywhere
  • Protractor - keep sane with automated functional tests of critical path features
  • Browserify - leverage the power of npm libraries in the browser.
  • ng-annotate - stop writing arrays of strings for min-safe AngularJS dependency injection
  • html2js - tame the HTML partial template beast
  • ui-router - wonderful state-based routing for AngularJS
  • LESS - to make stylesheets less miserable

There's no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to software tools. If we focus on modular tools that can be interchanged freely.

Your project will require more tools, altogether different tools, to solve the same problems in slightly different ways. This is what makes modularity awesome.

It's exactly what you want. Individual components that can be mixed and matched to solve specific problems and workflows.

With a solid foundation, your projects will be strong and flexible.

...but what ties all of these tools together?

Automation with Grunt

This is where Grunt comes in. A task runner. A minion, eager to perform the most tedious tasks. The glue that binds your AngularJS application together.


A well-tuned Grunt build allows you to:

  • work more efficiently
  • organize your code in a way that makes sense to humans
  • work better as a team
  • deliver software faster
  • be consistent
  • spend less time on problems that are already solved
  • stop thinking about awful tasks you hate

Grunt is dense, confusing, and foreign when first encountered. Maybe even a little scary.

It's a wonderful tool, worth learning and understanding.

Once Grunt automation is setup, and your project structure is in place, it "just works".

It's getting there that is the trick.

"When should I start to automate development tasks?"


Automation delivers a serious return on investment. Like compound interest, the earlier you automate, the more value it will provide.

Essential AngularJS: Grunt Automation

Essential AngularJS: Grunt Automation is your shortcut. Your ticket to the front of the line. The cruft-free guide for automating essential tasks

With this book, you'll learn:

  • the power of Grunt to automate thankless, repetitive, flow-crushing tasks.
  • leveraging npm's 75,000+ libraries directly in your application.
  • writing and running unit tests; early and often.
  • to use a CSS pre-compiler (LESS) to alleviate the death by 1000 cuts that is CSS.
  • a consistent modular structure for AngularJS, making it easier for large teams to work together.
  • code organization for developers (humans) and automate organizing it for the browser (computers)
  • how to build custom Grunt tasks to solve specific needs for your projects

"What do I get?"

The Book

All of the packages come with the book in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats. All packages will get updates for AngularJS 1.x.x.

The Code

Want to skip to the end? With packages that include the code, you'll be granted access to a private maintained git repository of the finished build. Like the book, this will be maintained and supported for the life of AngularJS 1.x.x.

You'll be able to file issues, get help, and have access to the updated code base at all times.

This is a drop-in enterprise-class "seed" project to provide the head start that you need.

Joel hooks head

About the Author

Who's behind this?

Howdy, I'm , a professional web-developer. For the last few years I've been focused on building large-scale, enterprise class web applications with AngularJS.

Currently I spend my days as the co-founder of, managing the day-to-day operation of the website to keep that awesome training content flowing to your hungry brain.

I've shipped (on-time and under-budget) applications with close to 100,000 lines of JavaScript. It still makes me cringe a bit to say that (so. much. javascript.), but these tools are what made it possible.

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, and travel all over the world training teams on the ins and outs of shipping single-page web applications with AngularJS. Hit me up on Twitter (@jhooks).

Stop the never-ending search for "best" practices.

Choose a Package:

The Book + Code

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  • The book in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats
  • Access to the code via private (maintained) git repository
  • Updates for Angular 1.x.x

The Book

for $49

  • The book in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats
  • Updates for Angular 1.x.x

This book is 90% complete!

It is "live published" and you have access to it as it is worked on. Expect updates until the content is complete.

Not 100% satisfied? I'll give you a refund.

I know you'll save a ton of time and get loads of value from the material covered in this book, but if not, let me know witin 30 days of purchasing and I'm happy to give you a refund.