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A curated collection of Monoids and their uses

A curated collection of Monoids and their uses

A gallery of monoid definitions and some use cases
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A gallery of monoid definitions and some use cases


Having trouble with the foldMap over the stats List.of. Getting acc.concat is not a function, any ideas? Here's my code:

Brian Lonsdorf

Posted on Github, but posting here for others. Data.Either has not implemented concat/traverse yet. Here's our either

const Right = x =>
  chain: f => f(x),
  ap: other =>,
  traverse: (of, f) => f(x).map(Right),
  map: f => Right(f(x)),
  fold: (f, g) => g(x),
  concat: o =>
    o.fold(_ => Right(x),
           y => Right(x.concat(y))),
  inspect: () => `Right(${x})`

const Left = x =>
  chain: f => Left(x),
  ap: other => Left(x),
  traverse: (of, f) => of(Left(x)),
  map: f => Left(x),
  fold: (f, g) => f(x),
  concat: o =>
    o.fold(_ => Left(x),
           y => o),
  inspect: () => `Left(${x})`

const fromNullable = x =>
  x != null ? Right(x) : Left(null)

const tryCatch = f => {
  try {
    return Right(f())
  } catch(e) {
    return Left(e)

module.exports = { Right, Left, fromNullable, tryCatch, of: Right }
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Sweeet, thanks! FWIW I also added isRight: true, isLeft: false to Right and vice versa to Left in order to get First and find working. Really enjoying this course, thank you.

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Hi. I am really enjoying this course so far: I generally have the same questions as the little characters attending Pr Frisby 😂

I just have a couple questions:

  1. why is empty() defined in a separate statement instead of within the ({}) like fold, map & concat ?
  2. do you agree that neutral() or identity() would have been more appropriate than empty() if you consider the underlying math

Thank you!

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Joel's Head
Why are we asking?