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I learned plain react when Egghead was first starting up. Watched some videos, read the docs, etc... Had a fair grasp of the library and how I should utilize it, when it would be handy, etc...

However, I never really had a use case in my day-to-day, so I left it. As I've been picking React back up the past month, it's been tough to sort through Flux/Redux/Relay/MobX, their similarities and differences, and how they interact with React and an external API or server. Not to mention Webpack, ES6/JSX, Babel, etc...

When you've got an app that's not a TODO list or a Counter, it's sometimes tough to see how you'd apply the advice in the videos to your own app. A course that takes a high level approach to these libs and how they interact would help with this and be awesome for newcomers (or me a month ago :)).

And while it's awesome to learn a library from its creator, sometimes having a different instructor can make all the difference. Someone who knows how the library works, but also knows why someone might not realize they need it or where it fits in. Forest-from-the-trees-type thing.


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