Give the Gift of Programming

Learning is hard work. As a professional, we are required to keep learning. New tools and techniques appear on a daily basis. New versions of our existing tools loom on the horizon, promising to change everything we know and replace it with something we don’t.

Will we be relevant a year from now?

It is overwhelming.

The endless churn of technology makes us feel like we are starting fresh with every new wave.

  • what’s next
  • keeping up to date on current web development technology
  • how to apply those technologies
  • where to even begin
  • finding the time to spare

Nobody is holding our hand, making sure we learn what we need to learn. We are on our own.

Or are we?

Egghead.io delivers a constant stream of short, bite-sized instructional lessons on the latest web development technologies. These concise lessons are taught by industry veterans, with years of experience delivering software for clients.

Here’s your chance to give the very best gift you can to help somebody achieve their highest potential. Give the gift of knowledge, opportunity, and job security.

Nerdy programming videos as a gift?

Absolutely! It is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. This is a real present. A present with lasting value for years to come.

When you give the gift of egghead.io to someone, you are providing them access to hundreds of lessons right now.. today. They will be able to blissfully spend their holiday vacation learning new skills for the new year.

And for the next year, they will continue to learn, as new lessons on the latest technologies are added.

A new job? A promotion? A raise?

With knowledge and study, these things are well within grasp.

That is an awesome present.

Awesome, and at a bargain price. For the cost of dinner at a nice restaurant you can provide knowledge and professional skills to that somebody special.

"I just wanted to say that this was the best investment of my life. My $199 investment made a $20,000 difference in my salary!"

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Norik - Engineer at Surf Air

What will they get?

  • Access to a career's worth of amazing knowledge.
  • New courses on the most important front-end development topics.
  • The ability to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace.
  • High quality instruction from top industry professionals and open-source library authors.
  • Bite-sized condensed lessons packed with value that respect a professional's time.

Questions and Answers

Got a question we haven’t covered? Send us an email (team@egghead.io)

How will my gift be delivered?

You will receive an email that contains a link. This link can be used to claim the gift membership to egghead.io. It will never expire, and can be used only once.

Can I buy the gift for myself?

Absolutely! Treat yourself. You deserve it.

As a current member, can I purchase this for myself?

You bet! If you're already a member, this will extend your membership for 1 full year.

How can I tell my friends about this amazing deal?

We really appreciate you spreading the word!

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