Deploy a Site to Netlify From Git

Jason Lengstorf
InstructorJason Lengstorf

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

Set up a new site on Netlify to deploy from GitHub automatically when you make changes.

Jason Lengstorf: [0:00] To deploy a new site on Netlify, go to and then click the New site from Git button. Once you're there, click GitHub or whatever your preferred Git provider is. That's going to ask you to authorize. Once you authorize it will show you a list of your available repos.

[0:17] If you've got more than one team, you'll see a list of them here.

[0:20] Over at the right, we can do a search for whatever repo we want to deploy. Once we found it, we can click here and we want to deploy master. These all look right so let's deploy.

[0:38] Now, we can see that the site is hooked up to use the master branch on Git as our deploy source. Once it's finished, we'll see site is live down at the bottom, and we can go back to our home page and we'll see that there's now a URL.

[0:56] If we click on that, we can see that our site has deployed and it's working. Next, we can change the name if we go to the Overview and the site settings. We'll see that there's an option to change the site name so we can change this to something like my-great-netlify-site.

[1:13] Once we save that, we can see that it's updated and that immediately takes over so that we can see our is functioning. If we make a change to our site, say we add a new word into the great starting point, and then let's Git commit all.

[1:35] We'll say, updated copy. Then we're going to push that to master, we can see Netlify automatically picks up the change and is building our site. Once the site is built, we can come back out, refresh, we can see our copy as live and all it took for us was a push to master.