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    VSCode Zen Mode & Centered Layout

    Ahmad Awais ⚡Ahmad Awais ⚡

    VSCode Zen mode is super minimal, coupled with the Centered Layout it presents the perfect recipe of a simple focused coding practice. You can also use this mode while you record screencasts that include VSCode.



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    Instructor: 0:00 Programming is a lot like Zen. Zen is a Japanese term for meditation. When I'm trying to write code and I look at all of this complicated interface, I sometimes get distracted. Visual Studio Code has a perfect recipe for that. All you have to do is press Command+Shift+P and then search for Zen. You toggle your Zen Mode. Everything disappears, just you and your code.

    0:24 As you can see here, my layout is a bit centered. This is an extra setting for huge monitor screens. What you can do is you can also toggle this away. Search for Centered Layout. There you go.

    0:38 Now, in this Zen Mode, it's just the code, no complex UIs. If I'm trying to record tutorials with Visual Studio Code, I recommend you do this in the Zen Mode. Then, when you're done, very easily you can go back by pressing Command+Shift+P and toggle the Zen Mode. There you go.

    0:56 Command+Shift+P, search for Zen, toggle it. Command+Shift+P, search for Centered Layout, toggle it. It is just a matter of preference, but Zen Mode can sometimes come in handy.