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    Linking Between Pages in Gatsby

    Amberley RomoAmberley Romo

    Routing between pages in Gatsby relies on the <Link /> component.

    This video will show you:

    • How to link between pages in Gatsby.

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    Amberley Romo: Routing in Gatsby relies on the Gatsby link component. In this example Gatsby site, I have a basic index page, shown here, and a basic contact page.

    To create a link from the index page to the contact page, we'll open up the index page file, import the link component from Gatsby, and then add the link component where we want it to go on the page. We'll give it link text of contact, and give it a to property with the contact path. Now, when we save it, we can see on the index page that we now have this link to the contact page.