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    Exclude Properties from a Type in TypeScript

    Kamran AhmedKamran Ahmed

    There might be cases where you would want to create a type while excluding some of the properties from a type. Let's say you have a database query on a users table where you are not selecting the password field. In this case, you will not be able to assign the query results to your User type because it is not going to have all the fields available.

    In this lesson, we are going to learn how we can use TypeScript's Omit utility type to exclude properties from a type.



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    Instructor: Here we have a type item with a bunch of required fields. Then we're getting a new item object from this type with price, currency, name, and description. Let's say that we want an item where we don't have price and currency.

    Instead of creating a new type from scratch, we can use TypeScript Omit. We'll do type priceless item is omit item, and then we omit price from here. Then we use this type for our object. Now it will give the error that the price is not there.

    If I remove it, the error will go away. We can make more fields also with the help of pipe operator. I'll put currency here now, and the currency has gone away also.