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    Fire a Stimulus Controller Action on a Click Event

    Ian JonesIan Jones

    In our Stimulus App, we change the connect method to a greet action (this method name can be anything.

    We then wire that action up to our HTML button by adding data-action to it and passing the function that we want to fire, in this case, its click->example#greet.



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    Instructor: 0:00 Here, we have a stimulus controller named example_controller. In our html, we're wiring up our controller to this div. Instead of firing console.log('Hello') on connect, we're going to change this to an action called greet.

    0:20 The next thing we need to do is jump over to our html. We need to add a button. We'll give it a text of Greet. To wire up our greet action from our controller, we will add data-action="click." This is the DOM event that we're using.

    0:53 We tell stimulus to fire our greet method in our example_controller. When we refresh, and we open up our developer tools, hop over to the console. When we click Greet, we'll get Hello.

    1:09 To wrap up, all we did was create a method called greet on our controller class. We added a button to our html with an attribute of data-action and a value of click, which is the DOM event we want to fire our action on. Our action is our example_controller's greet method.