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    Change Default Screenshot Key to Copy to Clipboard


    In this video, we'll learn how to modify the default screenshot keyboard shortcut on macOS so that it copies our screenshot to our clipboard. This comes in handy if you share screenshots often.



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    Instructor: 0:00 The first thing you want to do is open System Preferences. From there, you want to select Keyboard, and then select Shortcuts, and last select Screenshots.

    0:12 We're going to change this Save Picture of Selected Area as a File shortcut with the copy picture of selected area to clipboard. Double click and hit Command-Shift-4, and then click on the Save Picture of Selected Area as a File and hit Command-Control-Shift-4.

    0:31 Now, if we close System Preferences and hit Command-Shift-4 and take a screenshot, it will automatically be copied to our clipboard. We can test that on something like a GitHub Issue.

    0:46 If we paste and we look at the preview, there you go. Now, when you take screenshots, that will be copied to your clipboard for ease of sharing.