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    Build a basic text editor with draft.js and react

    Julian KrispelJulian Krispel

    In this lesson you'll learn how to setup and use draft.js to build a basic text editor. draft.js is a powerful framework for building rich text editors used in apps such as Facebook and Twitter. You'll learn to use draft.js in a basic react app, updating its editor state with the useState hook.



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    Instructor: 0:00 Let's start by installing the DraftJS NPM module. Import the editor component from DraftJS. Let's render it to see what happens. This froze an error because the editor state prop is required.

    0:23 Import editor state from DraftJS. Use the editor state create empty method to create an initial state. Then assign it to the editor state prop of the editor component. Now the editor component will render but it will not update.

    0:46 Import use state from React. Now pass the initial state variable to the use state hook. This returns a state variable which we'll call editor state and a set state method which we'll call set editor state.

    1:05 Pass the editor state variable to the editor state prop. Declare an onChange prop which you pass the set editor state method to. The editor will now work as expected and update as you type. The onChange prop will be called whenever the editor state changes.

    1:30 Our set editor state method updates the component state and re-renders the app component. Now our editor component will render with the updated editor state.