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    Return a list of elements from a functional component in React


    We sometimes just want to return a couple of elements next to one another from a React functional component, without adding a wrapper component which only purpose would be to wrap elements that we want to render.

    In this one minute lesson we are going to learn how to solve this problem by returning an array of components and as such - avoid adding unnecessary div wrappers.



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    Instructor: We have a simple React component which displays a box and we can see the result over here. Suppose we'd like to be able to display more of those boxes. We're going to do one, two, and three. After we save it, the page is going to refresh with a failed to compile message because React is expecting adjacent JSX elements to be wrapped in a closing tag.

    We could fix it by wrapping all of those elements in a div tag. It's going to work just fine, but we are introducing unnecessary divs to our HTML site chart. In a small app such as this one, this is perfectly fine, but in larger applications, we should most likely avoid having unnecessary divs.

    To solve this problem, instead of returning this div, we throw an array of those div elements, those boxes. Of course, add commas. After we save it, refresh, we are going to see those elements displayed just fine. If we take a look inside of dev tools, we're going to see that because we worked on an array of elements, there is no unnecessary element wrapping those three boxes.