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    Use a React Component from NPM in an MDX File with Gatsby MDX

    Chris BiscardiChris Biscardi

    MDX allows you to use JSX and React components directly inline in your Markdown. Here's how.



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    Instructor: Here, we have an MDX file in a running Gatsby project. You can see the MDX file rendered in the Chrome pane on the top left of the window. To use a React component in this MDX file, first we'll install a new package.

    After installing the new package, we'll restart our Gatsby application. The package we installed is called React Color. React Color offers a set of React components that display color pickers from popular design programs.

    First, we should import a picker from React Color. Then we can use that picker anywhere in our MDX document. Note that we now see a color picker in the middle of our MDX document. Note also that it's interactive and we can actually use it.