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    Write a Custom Recoil Hook to Reset a Value in the Recoil State


    To change a value in state we can do that directly (by pulling the atom with useRecoildState), or we can write a custom hook that will change the value for us:

    const useResetScore = () => {
      const [score, setScore] = useRecoilState(gameScore)
      return () => {

    That function returns a function that we can then call from a component like any other hook:

      const resetScore = useResetScore()

    and then we can use that new resetScore function for the onClick of a button:

    <button onClick={resetScore}>Reset</button>

    which will change the value in the Recoil state.

    That's a simplistic example of a custom hook - but that hook could then be extended to do multiple state changes, and then could be imported into any component in the React tree and used.