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    Generate a Redwood Project


    In this lesson, we are going over how to generate a RedwoodJS project.

    We can create a RedwoodJS project with yarn create redwood-app ./my-redwood-project.

    yarn will generate the RedwoodJS app in the file folder you specified without installing any globals.

    To run the RedwoodJS app, we use yarn redwood dev. This runs the Redwood client as well as the GraphQL backend.



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    Ian Jones: 0:00 First you need to make sure your Node version is 12. We're going to run yarn create redwood-app and then the folder that we want Redwood to create the app in, so ./my-redwood-project.

    0:25 Now that we're done, we'll open the sidebar and we'll see that this directory has been created. Redwood has generated all of these files.

    0:35 First, we're going to cd into my-redwood-project. To run a Redwood project, we can run yarn redwood dev. When you hop over to your browser, you'll see that Redwood is running on port 8910.