Initialize a new Cargo binary crate in a new package

Chris Biscardi
InstructorChris Biscardi

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cargo init

By default cargo initializes a new package containing a binary crate. The file that gets compiled into the binary is located at src/ This is by convention and we can specify different paths and names for binaries.

We also get a Cargo.lock and a Cargo.toml. These are similar to JavaScript's package.json and package-lock.json or yarn.lock. The Cargo.toml defines different features of our package including dependencies, defining zero or one library crates, and defining as many binary crates as we want.

We can run the new binary with cargo run.

❯ cargo run
   Compiling digital-garden-steps v0.1.0 (/digital-garden-steps)
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 1.38s
     Running `target/debug/digital-garden-steps`
Hello, world!