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    Diffing Two Files in VSCode

    Kyle ShevlinKyle Shevlin
    vscodeVS Code

    You might find yourself with two almost identical files and want to quickly see the difference. VSCode has a built-in mechanism for file diffing.



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    Instructor: Here, I have two files. I have this index.js file with a bunch of code and I have this solution.js file with a bunch of code, but there's a difference between the two. I want to quickly see the diff between them.

    What I can do is over here in the menu, I can right-click on one of the files and I can click Select for compare. Now that that's been selected, I can click a second one and you'll see Compare with selected. I'm going to hit that and up pops a div.

    We can see here like we can go through and we can see the diffs and they're really great diffs too. They recognize that this is just indented differently and not a true diff.