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    Navigate Code like a Pro in VSCode

    Steven MercatanteSteven Mercatante
    vscodeVS Code

    VSCode gives us plenty of options for navigating and editing our code without needing to leave the keyboard. Learn these commands to speed up your day-to-day work.



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    Instructor: 0:00 Let's look at some of the most useful ways VS Code lets you navigate and modify your code. You can move lines of code down using Alt + down. You can move them back up using Alt + up. You can duplicate lines of code down holding Shift+ Alt + down. You can duplicate them upwards holding Shift + Alt + up.

    0:21 You can jump word by word by holding Alt and hitting the right and left keys. You can select the current line by holding command + L. You can continue pressing command + L to select multiple lines.

    0:38 You can delete the current line by holding command + Shift + K. You can insert a line above the current line holding command + Shift + Enter. You can insert a line after the current line just holding command + Enter.

    0:54 You can indent lines by holding command and the closing square brace. You can outdent them holding command and the opening square brace. You can jump to the top of the file by pressing command + up, and jump to the bottom of the file by pressing command + down.

    1:09 You can go to a specific line by pressing Control + G and entering the line number. You can delete everything to the start of the line by pressing command + Backspace.