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    VSCode Command Palette

    Ahmad Awais ⚡Ahmad Awais ⚡
    vscodeVS Code

    VSCode is equally accessible from the keyboard. That's what I like about it. The part that makes it all possible is called the Command Palette. Learn about VSCode Command Palette in this video and the most important shortcut there is. COMMAND (⌘) + SHIFT (⇧) + P on macOS and CONTROL (⌃) + SHIFT (⇧) + P on Linux/Windows.



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    Instructor: VS Code is equally accessible from the keyboard. One of the most important keyboard shortcuts you'd want to know is Cmd + Shift + B, or Ctrl on windows. You can also find it written here when you have no file open. Let's go ahead and press it, Cmd + Shift + B.

    This is what we call a command palette. You can find all of these commands that you can run from VS Code right here. For example, let's say I want to open the settings area for VS Code. I want to type settings, and there you go.

    You can also do a fuzzy search. For example, remember when we change this VS Code theme and we opened a color theme panel. I can do see theme, and there you go. Reference is color theme. Again, Cmd + Shift + B, and there you have it.

    There's a lot more that you can do with this command palette. I'm going to save it for another video. Right now, remember the most important keyboard shortcut in VS Code is Cmd + Shift + B.