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Validate your Webpack config with webpack-validator


The Array map method

webpack tutorial about Validate your Webpack config with webpack-validator

Validate your Webpack config with webpack-validator

4:06 webpack PRO

It’s quite common to make a mistake while developing your webpack configuration. A simple typo can cost you hours of development time. With webpack-validator, you can save yourself a ton of time by validating that your webpack configuration is free of common mistakes.

Note: Webpack 2 now has validation baked in.

rxjs tutorial about The Array map method

The Array map method

3:02 rxjs

One very common operation in programming is to iterate through an Array's contents, apply a function to each item, and create a new array containing the results. For example, let's say you wanted to loop through an array of stock objects and select only the name for display on screen. In this lesson we will demonstrate how to use the Array's map method to easily perform this operation with less code than a loop would require.

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