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Use the Node.js REPL shell

Summary & Concepts of the Twelve-Factor App

Create a Basic Server with Express

hapi.js - Up and running

Create a modern web API using Koa v2 and ES2017

javascript tutorial about Use the Node.js REPL shell

Use the Node.js REPL shell

4:19 javascript

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the interactive Node.js REPL (Read - Evaluate - Print - Loop) shell. The REPL shell allows you to enter javascript directly into a shell prompt and have the results evaluated by the node.js engine immediately. This is extremely useful for testing, debugging, or experimenting with new features to understand how they work. Topics covered include creating variables, functions, the reserved underscore ( _ ) character, REPL commands as well as saving and loading your session to prevent losing work.

egghead tutorial about Summary & Concepts of the Twelve-Factor App

Summary & Concepts of the Twelve-Factor App

0:34 egghead

The twelve-factor app is a development and deployment methodology for building apps with present-day concepts. Following it will ensure your app can be deployed easily and scaled effortlessly.

The website explains the concepts of the twelve-factor app. The lessons in this course each directly relate to one of the 12 factors and are presented in order. The first few go over revision control and managing the config and dependencies of your Node.js app, while the rest explain the devops of your app with Nginx & Docker, with concepts closely aligned to the 12-factor app.

express tutorial about Create a Basic Server with Express

Create a Basic Server with Express

4:24 express

In this lesson we will initialize our Express application using npm init.

After loading express through npm we will look at a couple basic functions Express exposes to us such as .get and .send. This will allow basic interaction via the url.

We will also see how using a package like nodemon can allow for rapid iteration when developing an application.

hapi tutorial about hapi.js - Up and running

hapi.js - Up and running

1:40 hapi

hapi is a rock solid server framework for Node.js. Its focus on modularity and configuration-over-convention makes it the perfect match for any size development team. This video will introduce you to hapi by showing you the bare minimum needed to run a hapi server.

javascript tutorial about Create a modern web API using Koa v2 and ES2017

Create a modern web API using Koa v2 and ES2017

1:25 javascript PRO

We take advantage of the new Node.js features like async/await from ES2017 and the awesome yarn package-manager to create modern JSON APIs with Koa v2. Make sure you have at least Node.js 7.6.x installed.

The ctx (context) variable encapsulates a Request and Response object, they are similar to what we already know about the req and res objects from the Express.js framework, but it is more expressive and easy to understand thanks to its getters, _setters and some shortcuts. It also parses the response content and sets the Content-Type header based on the type of its body property. Finally, we can manually set the response headers and status code.

The HTTP client from the video is wuzz.

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