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Use Jest's Snapshot Testing Feature


Use Test Driven Development

jest tutorial about Use Jest's Snapshot Testing Feature

Use Jest's Snapshot Testing Feature

3:41 jest PRO

Often when testing, you use the actual result to create your assertion and have to manually update it as you make changes to the feature. With Jest snapshot testing, you can let Jest do this part for you and write more tests and features faster and with more confidence. Let's learn about how you can use Jest snapshot testing to improve your own workflow.

javascript tutorial about Use Test Driven Development

Use Test Driven Development

3:19 javascript PRO

In this lesson, we'll write a brand new function called arrayify using the Test Driven Development workflow of red-green-refactor. Test Driven Development (aka TDD) is great because it helps you focus on one task at a time and when you're all finished, you can refactor or add features with confidence because the test suite acts as a safety net. In this lesson we're using the amazing Jest testing framework.

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