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Functional Programming in JavaScript with Ramda.js

course by Andy Van Slaars

Count Words in a String with Ramda's countBy and invert

lesson by John Lindquist

Update Component State in React With Ramda Lenses

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Debugging components with the React Developer Tools extension

lesson by Trevor Miller

Eliminate Function Arguments (Point-Free Style) with Ramda's Converge

lesson by John Lindquist

Get Started with Firebase and AngularFire

lesson by Lukas Ruebbelke

Update State in React with Ramda's Evolve

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Create an Observable-Based Fetch Wrapper Using Ramda & Most

lesson by Josh Burgess

Accessible animations with reduced motion

lesson by Marcy Sutton

Discard the High and Low Values From an Array of Numbers with Ramda

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Use the axe Browser Extension to Audit a Web Page for Accessibility Issues

lesson by Erin Doyle

Use tota11y to Visualize Accessibility Issues

lesson by Erin Doyle

Test for Landmark Region Accessibility Issues in React

lesson by Erin Doyle

Understand why CSS has no effect with the Inactive CSS rules indicator in Firefox DevTools

lesson by Elijah Manor

Create a Dark Mode Theme in Your Web App Using CSS Media Query

lesson by Will Mendes

Choose Between authState or user to Subscribe to Firebase Authentication State Changes

lesson by Jorge Vergara

Access a Firebase Document's ID Even when It's Not Stored in the Document with angularfire

lesson by Jorge Vergara