Declarative UIs without CSS with elm-ui

course by Flavio Corpa

Develop Accessible Web Apps with React

course by Erin Doyle

Create an SVG Icon System

course by Damon Bauer

Start Using Elm to Build Web Applications

course by Murphy Randle

Start Building Accessible Web Applications Today

course by Marcy Sutton

Creating Accessible Skeleton Loader Animation from Scratch with HTML and CSS

course by Will Mendes

Angular Material: Theming and ARIA

lesson by Thomas Burleson

Functions in Elm

lesson by Ronn Ross

Install the Elm Platform command-line tools

lesson by Murphy Randle

Output text in a browser using the text function in Elm

lesson by Murphy Randle

Store key-value pairs using Records in Elm

lesson by Murphy Randle

Write functions and Type Signatures in Elm

lesson by Murphy Randle

Render HTML in the browser using the Html module in Elm

lesson by Murphy Randle

Reuse Functions Through Type Variables in Elm

lesson by Murphy Randle

Create Apps Using the Elm Application Architecture

lesson by Murphy Randle

Discover New Packages Using the Elm Package Index

lesson by Murphy Randle

Using "Maybe" in Elm for values that may or may not exist

lesson by Murphy Randle

Accessible Icon Buttons

lesson by Marcy Sutton

Optimize SVGs for Better Performance using svgo

lesson by Damon Bauer

Building Forms with Accessibility in Mind

lesson by Marcy Sutton

Headings and semantic structure for accessible web pages

lesson by Marcy Sutton