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Build Full Stack Web Applications with Angular and Firebase

course by Jorge Vergara

Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals with AWS

course by Sam Julien

Create a Landing Page with CSS Grid and Flexbox

course by Stephanie Eckles

Get Started with the AWS Amplify Admin UI

course by Ali Spittel

Build an App with the AWS Cloud Development Kit

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Up and Running with AWS Amplify Functions

course by nader dabit

Up and Running with Amplify Static Site Hosting

course by nader dabit

Use AWS Billing & Cost Management Dashboard to keep your AWS bill to minimum

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Building Serverless Web Applications with React & AWS Amplify

course by nader dabit

Learn AWS DynamoDB from scratch

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Intro to DynamoDB

course by Chris Biscardi

Build serverless applications with AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM)

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Scalable Offline-Ready GraphQL Applications with AWS AppSync & React

course by nader dabit

DynamoDB: The Node.js DocumentClient

course by Chris Biscardi

Converting a Serverless App to run on AWS Lambda and DynamoDB with Serverless Framework

course by Chris Biscardi

Develop a Serverless Backend using Node.js on AWS Lambda

course by Nik Graf

Learn AWS Lambda from scratch

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Building apps with Ionic 2

course by Mike Hartington

Get Started with Flexbox CSS Layouts

course by Chris Achard

Build a GraphQL API with AWS CDK and AppSync

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Flexbox Fundamentals

course by Garth Braithwaite