MDX Conf 2020

course by Chris Biscardi

Rails Todo API Part 2

lesson by Brett Cassette

Set up compilation of source code using babel with npm scripts

lesson by Trevor Miller

Rails Todo API Part 1

lesson by Brett Cassette

Gulp and Browserify - Adding Babel & Source Maps

lesson by Shane Osbourne

Writing next generation JavaScript with Babel 5 (out of date)

lesson by Trevor Miller

Search Directive with Rails

lesson by Brett Cassette

Webpack Loaders, Source Maps, and ES6

lesson by Kent C. Dodds

Install Jekyll and generate initial, scaffolded website

lesson by Garth Braithwaite

Transform Modern JavaScript Features with Babel

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Configure webpack to Load JavaScript Files through Babel with babel-loader

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Configure babel for React with preset-react

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Support Proposed JavaScript Features with Babel Plugins

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Target specific browsers with babel-preset-env and the babel pollyfill

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Asynchronously Load webpack Bundles through Code-splitting and React Suspense

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Compiling a React to an IIFE with Rollup to execute and render in a headless browser

lesson by Chris Biscardi

Rename A Database Column with Ruby on Rails Active Record Migrations

lesson by Will Johnson

The X in MDX

talk by Rodrigo Pombo

Migrating to MDX

talk by Monica Powell

Demystifying MDX

talk by Cole Bemis

MDX v2 Syntax

talk by Laurie Barth