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Build a Backend with Prisma in a TypeScript Node Project

course by Ryan Chenkie

Create an eCommerce Store with Next.js and Stripe Checkout

course by Colby Fayock

Sell Products Using Stripe Checkout and Netlify Functions

course by Jason Lengstorf

Build a full-stack app with Prisma

course by Xiaoru Li

Build a SaaS product with Next.js, Supabase and Stripe

course by Jon Meyers

Set up compilation of source code using babel with npm scripts

lesson by Trevor Miller

Gulp and Browserify - Adding Babel & Source Maps

lesson by Shane Osbourne

Writing next generation JavaScript with Babel 5 (out of date)

lesson by Trevor Miller

Build a Graphql Serverless Database for Your Client Apps Using Prisma

lesson by Christian Nwamba

Transform Modern JavaScript Features with Babel

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Configure webpack to Load JavaScript Files through Babel with babel-loader

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Configure babel for React with preset-react

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Support Proposed JavaScript Features with Babel Plugins

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Target specific browsers with babel-preset-env and the babel pollyfill

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Asynchronously Load webpack Bundles through Code-splitting and React Suspense

lesson by Andy Van Slaars

Compiling a React to an IIFE with Rollup to execute and render in a headless browser

lesson by Chris Biscardi

Install and Set up Prisma for a New Project

lesson by Xiaoru Li

Create an entry in the database with Prisma Client

lesson by Xiaoru Li

Perform basic database queries (CRUD) with Prisma Client

lesson by Xiaoru Li

Work with Models and Relations with Prisma Schema

lesson by Xiaoru Li

Configure a Stripe Checkout Domain for Client-Only Integration

lesson by Colby Fayock