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Add Github Login to Your Web App with OAuth 2.0

course by Christian Nwamba

GitHub Tips & Tricks

course by Joe Previte

Create a New Github Action to Automate Code Tasks with Javascript

course by Colby Fayock

Secure GitHub connections with SSH

course by Ryan Harris

Tips and Tricks

course by Xiaoru Li

Chrome DevTools tips & tricks

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Critical Rendering Path

course by Yonatan Kra

How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library

course by Kent C. Dodds

Auditing React Apps for Accessibility

course by Erin Doyle

Debug the DOM in Chrome with the Devtools Elements Panel

course by mykola bilokonsky

Debug JavaScript in Chrome with DevTool Sources

course by mykola bilokonsky

Debug HTTP with Chrome DevTools Network Panel

course by mykola bilokonsky

How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

course by Kent C. Dodds

Advanced Logging with the JavaScript Console

course by mykola bilokonsky

What is Accessible Name Calculation?

lesson by Marcy Sutton

Use Logpoints to log messages without cluttering up your code with console.log() statments

lesson by Tomasz Łakomy

Choose accessible colors for text using Chrome DevTools Color Picker contrast ratio score

lesson by Tomasz Łakomy

Advanced Console Log Arguments

lesson by mykola bilokonsky

Grouping and Nesting Console Log Output

lesson by mykola bilokonsky

Examine AJAX Requests with Chrome Devtools

lesson by mykola bilokonsky

Greensock TimelineLite Animation Sequences

lesson by Lukas Ruebbelke