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Tips and Tricks

course by Xiaoru Li

Chrome DevTools tips & tricks

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Build a React App with the Hooks API

course by Andy Van Slaars

Critical Rendering Path

course by Yonatan Kra

Test React Components with Enzyme and Jest

course by Tyler Clark

Build React Components from Streams with RxJS and Recompose

course by John Lindquist

Higher Order Components with Functional Patterns Using Recompose

course by Tim Kindberg

Confidently Testing Redux Applications with Jest & TypeScript

course by Jamund Ferguson

Debug the DOM in Chrome with the Devtools Elements Panel

course by mykola bilokonsky

Debug JavaScript in Chrome with DevTool Sources

course by mykola bilokonsky

Debug HTTP with Chrome DevTools Network Panel

course by mykola bilokonsky

Advanced Logging with the JavaScript Console

course by mykola bilokonsky

Use Logpoints to log messages without cluttering up your code with console.log() statments

lesson by Tomasz Łakomy

Choose accessible colors for text using Chrome DevTools Color Picker contrast ratio score

lesson by Tomasz Łakomy

Understanding how react-testing-library works with Kent C. Dodds

lesson by Joel Hooks

Advanced Console Log Arguments

lesson by mykola bilokonsky

Grouping and Nesting Console Log Output

lesson by mykola bilokonsky

Examine AJAX Requests with Chrome Devtools

lesson by mykola bilokonsky

Analyze HTTP Requests and Responses with Chrome Devtools

lesson by mykola bilokonsky

Compose Multiple Higher Order Components Together using Recompose

lesson by Tim Kindberg

Log Levels and Semantic Methods

lesson by mykola bilokonsky