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Add Github Login to Your Web App with OAuth 2.0

course by Christian Nwamba

Develop Accessible Web Apps with React

course by Erin Doyle

Recreating Popular JavaScript Utility Methods from Lodash

course by Jamund Ferguson

Lodash: Refactoring Simple For Loops

lesson by John Lindquist

How Visible vs. Hidden Elements Affect Keyboard/Screen Reader Users

lesson by Marcy Sutton

Running your server forever using forever in Node.js

lesson by Akash Gutha

Make an HTTP Request in Elm

lesson by Murphy Randle

Debounce (delay) User Input in AngularJS with Lodash

lesson by John Lindquist

Refactor Business Logic to Composable Functions with Lodash

lesson by Paul Frend

Lodash - sortBy and sortedIndex

lesson by John Lindquist

Safer property access with Lodash's 'get' method

lesson by Shane Osbourne

Refactoring: Replace Loop with Collection Closure using Lodash

lesson by Brett Cassette

Combine Objects with Object.assign and Lodash merge

lesson by Damon Bauer

Introduction to Lodash

lesson by John Lindquist

Make HTTP Requests in Bash with `curl`

lesson by Cameron Nokes

What is Accessible Name Calculation?

lesson by Marcy Sutton

Define Landmark Regions of a web page using ARIA roles

lesson by Erin Doyle

Test for Landmark Region Accessibility Issues in React

lesson by Erin Doyle

Define Landmark Regions of a web page using HTML5 sectioning elements

lesson by Erin Doyle

Test for Heading Level Accessibility Issues

lesson by Erin Doyle

Correctly Define Heading Levels of a Web Page

lesson by Erin Doyle