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If there's one thing that never gets old, it's rock-solid JavaScript fundamentals.

When you're working in frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular, it's easy to forget that most of what you're writing is still JavaScript. We all get swept away in the excitement of new tools, but you need to lay down a stable foundation before stacking too much on top.

A strong understanding of JavaScript is essential for having a successful career, no matter which framework you use.

This is a curated resource covering the important parts of the whole language.

When someone comes to you and asks "Hey! Can you build this?", you'll be able to say "yes" with confidence.

Popular JavaScript Courses

Asynchronous JavaScript

Under the hood of your modern applications, there is a lot of work communication back and forth with servers, reacting to user interaction, and managing the state of a complex asynchronous application. Your application grows, the complexity multiplies, until you've got a jumbled mess that makes you sad to get up and get to work every morning.

Debugging JavaScript

You likely know the pain and joy that is debugging. The pain is part of the process, and the joy is winning the battle and fixing the issue. You're probably familiar with the basics of using Devtools. These courses will give you new tools that will help make the journey from debugging pain to joy more quickly!

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