React Core Team

Dan Abramov

In 2015, Abramov started working in London for Facebook as part of the React Core team to develop Facebook’s open-source user interface (UI) tool, React.js.

He started using React for front-end development when he was working with a U.S-based startup, Stampsy in 2014. While he was working at Facebook, Abramov also developed Redux with Andrew Clark a JavaScript library used to manage application state.

Just JavaScript

Getting Started with Redux

Dan Abramov

In this comprehensive course, Dan Abramov - the creator of Redux - will teach you how to manage state in your React application with Redux.

Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux

Dan Abramov

This course will pick up where we left off with the Redux Fundamentals course. If you haven't watched that yet, you are highly encouraged to do so!