Erika Ritter

Erika Ritter

Whoosh! Bam! Blop! Boom! Wiggle! Smash!

I love creative code. Web animation is what inspired me to kick-off my journey as a front-end developer to begin with. Now, here we are, over 4 years later - and I still love it more than ever. I love what we're able to accomplish with CSS (3D cube I'm looking at you) and SVG! Then you add in some JavaScript and cool libraries like ScrollMagic and Greensock? Now we're talking!

Creative code is a great way to get excited about code again, and a wonderful and fun way to learn difficult concepts.

Creating cool experiences that delight and direct the user is what excites me. Then, in my personal projects, I definitely unleash the animation beast from within and go over-the-top.

Besides being a cat mom, my other absolute passion is powerlifting! by Kent C. Dodds