Learn Redux From the Source

Redux is a tiny library that was created by Dan Abramov to manage the handling of data and state in your React applications. We love Redux at egghead.io, and use it in many places on this site. It's a great tool, and presents many interesting concepts and paradigms that are worth learning and using, even if you aren't developing Redux or React applications.

To help you learn Redux, Dan has created two free courses that are available here on egghead.io

To get started, you will want to understand the basics:

Learn redux from Dan Abramov

Getting Started with Redux

This course is an excellent introduction to the core concepts and ideas that you will need to understand to implement Redux in your applications. Dan takes you on a tour of the features of the Redux library, and even shows you how to create some of these features from scratch for yourself. This level of in-depth understanding of Redux from the library's creator is unparralled anywhere else and is available exclusively on egghead.io!
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Once you understand the core concepts behind Redux, it will be time to start building apps. Dan has you covered with a deep dive into the idiomatic approach to building Redux applications. Lots of tutorials, blogs, and screencasts will suggest ways to create React apps with Redux. This course is from the creator of Redux, a core React team member, describing Redux apps as he builds them. You can decide if that is useful 😉

Learn How to Build React Apps with Redux from Dan Abramov

Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux

Taking it a step beyond the basics, this course is an in depth look at how to build React applications using Redux. If you've ever wondered "How does Dan Abromov build React applications with Redux??" this course is here to answer that question. It is a wonderful glimpse into Dan's mind, and is stuffed full of practical advise that you can start implementing today!
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Both of these courses are now and forever completely free to view. We are honored to have the privilege to work together with Dan to bring these courses to your computer. They will definitely expand your knowledge and provide immense value to your career as a front-end developer. We sincerely hope that you enjoy these awesome courses.

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Joel Hooks
co-founder - egghead.io