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Kemal Tatar Istanbul, Turkey • Freebird Systems

“In six months I doubled my salary!"

Ifeanyi Agu Vancouver, BC •

“I have a new job thanks to you guys!”

Kane Rogers Melbourne, Australia •

“Our team sat in a room for a week, watching everything egghead had...”

Chris Geirman San Diego, CA •

“I love to code and appreciate the opportunities it affords me.”

Michele Memoli London, UK • 100 Shapes

"I write in ES6 now."

Matt Goucher Washington, USA • Concur

"I thought I was 'too cool' for paid learning services..."

Zhentian Wan Finland • Tecnotree Oy

"egghead tutorials helped me to land a job out of university!"

Justin Jones Sacramento, CA •

“I was able to have confident conversations on two new libraries”

David Streeter Manassas, VA • Micron Technology Inc.

"I found my passion for making tools and haven’t looked back."

Jeronimo Velasquez Cali, Colombia •

“I’d really like to teach at egghead someday.”