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JavaScript tutorial about Lodash - sortBy and sortedIndex

Lodash - sortBy and sortedIndex

3:38 JavaScript PRO

Lodash's "sortBy" method helps you sort data in your collections and "sortedIndex" helps you find where to place new data. In this video, John walks you through how to use each of these methods and how they can work together.

AngularJS tutorial about Angular Automation: Introduction to Gulp

Angular Automation: Introduction to Gulp

4:26 AngularJS

Angular projects require automation. Period.

In this series we will take a look at Gulp. Gulp is a task runner. It is the commander of our army of helper robots that take critical, yet totally mundane, tasks and perform them hundreds of times per day so we don't have to. When we sit down to work, we want to enter a single command, and then spend the rest of our day writing code, testing, and basically not thinking about how it is all glued together in the background.

Automation is critical to any project of significant size. We will start with the Eggly Bookmarks application, and develop proper build automation that will include production ready tools that you can start using in your applications today!

JavaScript tutorial about HTML Canvas and Images

HTML Canvas and Images

6:50 JavaScript

In addition to vector drawing, you can draw bitmap images into a canvas, and also retrieve a bitmap based on the content in a canvas.

AngularJS tutorial about New in Angular 1.4 - New bindToController Syntax

New in Angular 1.4 - New bindToController Syntax

1:43 AngularJS PRO

Angular 1.4 introduces a new syntax for bindToController. John demonstrates how to use it and what the new options are.

React tutorial about Reflux - Creating Your First Action in React

Reflux - Creating Your First Action in React

2:44 React

Reflux uses Actions to tell the Stores when to update. We will wire Actions and Stores together to create a simple updatable age field React component.

JavaScript tutorial about Webpack Loaders, Source Maps, and ES6

Webpack Loaders, Source Maps, and ES6

5:03 JavaScript PRO

Webpack loaders are how you tell webpack to resolve your dependencies and you can use a loader built for the babel transpiler to easily enable ES6 code in your project. Full sourcemap support is also available using webpack's devtool property.

React tutorial about Custom propType validation

Custom propType validation

2:20 React PRO

In addition to the types built into React.propTypes we can also define our own custom propType validator

JavaScript tutorial about Adding Shapes to Maps with Leaflet and GeoJSON

Adding Shapes to Maps with Leaflet and GeoJSON

2:56 JavaScript PRO

With a basic map in place we can add shapes, like US states. We will then see how to style the shapes to make a visually appealing map.

JavaScript tutorial about Intro to Webpack

Intro to Webpack

4:29 JavaScript

Webpack is a module bundler that bundles javascript and other assets for the browser. It works really well for applications and javascript libraries and is very simple frontend build tool.

AngularJS tutorial about AngularJS Architecture: Review

AngularJS Architecture: Review

3:44 AngularJS PRO

In this lesson, we review the high level concepts that we covered over the course of this series including file structure, sub-modules, data models, ui-router and animations.

React tutorial about Static Methods in React

Static Methods in React

2:11 React PRO

The statics object of our React view components is meant to contain values or functions that can be accessed at any time without needing an instance of that component created.

JavaScript tutorial about Drawing Text on Canvas

Drawing Text on Canvas

6:45 JavaScript

With the HTML canvas you can easily draw text as well as graphics. Let's take a look at basic text manipulation on the canvas.

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