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AngularJS Authentication with JWT


Kent C. Dodds
31m closed-captioning
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Published 8 years ago
Updated 4 months ago

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) are a more modern approach to authentication. As the web moves to a greater separation between the client and server, JWT provides a terrific alternative to traditional cookie based authentication models. For more information on JWT visit

In this series, we’ll be building a simple application to get random user information from a node server with an Angular client. We’ll then implement JWT to protect the random user resource on the server and then work through the frontend to get JWT authentication working.

By the end, we’ll have an application which has a single username/password combination (for simplicity) and uses tokens to authorize the client to see the random user information. You’ll be able to login, get random users, and logout.

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    If the "magic" lines could be indicated as such. A "magic" line would be code that appears in the code and does magic but it's not clear how you'd know it needs to be there. Most of the critical things in JWT actually work by magic, so knowing what's boilerplate and what's magic is important to learning what's going on.

    4 years ago

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31m • 7 lessons

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